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Thoughtful Little Angels

771 Angel of Healing

771 Angel of Healing

Angel of healing. Our angel of healing makes a wonderful gift for someone to wish them well. When we say the word heal most people think of a physical wound that needs to be treated, but there is also emotional healing that takes place. We all go through things that leave us feeling a bit broken inside, whether we lost someone we loved, ended a relationship, or had a fight with someone who meant a lot to us. It can really affect our soul and it feels like that pain we feel will never go away. Our angel of healing is filled with love and is here to help heal your internal wounds. Everyone desires to have inner peace and our healing angel is full of care and concern and will guide you to obtain that inner peace. The angel of healing is layered in a 14kt gold finish which features a moonstone body. The angel has hand-painted glitter epoxy accents and a genuine Austrian crystal head.
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